Course Outline

Grade 12 College Chemistry

    This course introduces the students to the concepts that form the basis of modern chemistry. Students will study qualitative analysis, quantitative relationships in chemical reactions, organic and electrochemistry, and chemistry as it relates to the quality of the environment. Students will employ a variety of laboratory techniques, develope skills in data collection and scientific analysis, and communicate scientific information using appropriate terminology. Emphasis will be placed on the role of chemistry in everyday life and in the development of technologies and products.

Grade 12 College Chemistry
Matter and Qualitative Analysis
Organic Chemistry
Chemical Calculations
Environmental Chemistry

Assessment of Student Achievement

    Student achievement is based on meeting the overall and specific expectations of the course. The expectations cover the following four areas of student learning:
  1. Knowledge and Understanding
  2. Inquiry and Problem Solving
  3. Communications
  4. Connections
    A daily out of class component is to be completed to ensure basic concepts and applications are understood. Summative testing will occur in each section. Final success in this program will be the result of accumulated daily successes in each area. An emphasis will be placed on skills and safe practices in the laboratory.

Report 1 - ancedotal

Reports - (mid-semester and end of semester)

Marks based on the following chart

Areas of Student Learning Knowledge/Understanding Inquiry/Problem Solving Communications/Connections Final
Sample Activities Quiz,Tests,Reports Labs,Reseach Notebooks,Reports,Research Project,Exam
Final Mark %
30 %
30 %
40 %

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