Reproduction Unit Page


Major Concepts
Cell Theory Cell division Asexual Reproduction Sexual Reproduction Human Devolopment

     For some the word reproduction in high school means "sex education". This is NOT what this course will be dealing with. This unit will examine the various methods and structures some organisms use in order to reproduce. These organisms range from plants to bacteria to humans.

     I have included a list of major concepts, some detail you should be familiar with and some links to numerous sites which will allow you to view, download or print material which is directly related to these concepts. In addition there may be some material which is of interest to you (hey you never know!).

     The links will assist you if you run into any difficulties and have specific questions.

Major Concepts:

Cell Theory

  1. Parts and functions of the microscope
  2. How to measure using a microscope
  3. The cell theory?
  4. The structures and functions of the plant and animal cell.
Cell Division
  1. You need to know the cell cycle and phases of mitosis.
  2. The diffeneces between plant and animal cells during mitosis
Asexual Reproduction
  1. The differences between binary fission, fragmentation, budding, spore formation and vegitative reproduction.
  2. List examples for each of the above.
Sexual Reproduction
  1. The general differences between asexual and sexual reproduction
  2. The general purpose and charactoristics of meiosis.
  3. The types of sexual reproduction (hermaphroditic, conjugation, and seperate sexes).
  4. List examples for each of the above.
Human Development
  1. Draw, label and describe the structure of DNA.
  2. The structures and functions of the male and female reproductive system.
  3. The four phases of the human female reproductive cycle.
  4. Conception and the three trimesters for human fetal development
  5. The role that hormones play in reproduction
  • Cells Alive This specific page will review and explain mitosis. The site itself will provide you with a great deal of information on cells.
  • Biology Online Provides information on the cell and cell organelles. It also provides a comprehensive scientific dictionary.
  • Biology About Reviews mitosis and the stages, includes an animation.
  • PBS/Frontline Questions and answers regarding human cloning
  • Fetal Development A nice basic site outlining the development with pictures