Chemistry 12: College Preparation Unit 3 Self Quiz - 3.4 - 3.6



Complete Table 1 to show your understanding of the relationships among straight-chain hydrocarbons.

Table 1 Straight-Chain Hydrocarbons
Family name

General formula


Relative reactivity

Example (Draw structural formula.)

Isomers (example and name)

(You may not be able to complete this box with your current knowledge.)



In each of the following groups of terms, there is one term that does not belong with the rest of the terms. Circle the term that does not belong, and explain why in the space provided. (In some groups, there may be more than one correct answer.)
a. carbon, nitrogen, magnesium, hydrogen
b. saturated hydrocarbon, alkane, double bond, single bond
c. polar molecule, strong intermolecular attractions, carbon–carbon single bond,
carbon–oxygen single bond
d. C12H22, C6H10, C12H24, C4H6
e. different boiling points, same boiling point, fractions, distillation
f. CH4, C2H6, CaO, CF2Cl2
g. alkynes, halogenated compounds, alcohols, esters
h. HCFCs, KFCs, CFCs, HFCs

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